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Heidi Ryder

Letter from Heidi Venezia, mom to Ryder

Thank you Hong Ik Martial Arts! My son is not the kind of kid that usually gets excited about any activity that I suggest, but upon completing his very first class at HIMA, he came running to me, beaming, and said “when can I do that again?!” It has been a year and a half since that class. Now, with all of our daily routines suddenly upended this past spring, we both appreciate HIMA more than ever!

We were so excited when I got the email announcing that HIMA would be resuming classes – offering a glimpse of normalcy after a very unusual and isolated spring. We both feel very comfortable with the safety protocols for both indoor and outdoor classes (truth be told, my eight-year-old did say “don’t you think they are going a BIT too far with the safety stuff?”.

Even more than that, I love that through participation in Tae Kwon Do at Hong Ik, my son’s development is supported on so many levels: physically, mentally, even emotionally and spiritually. It truly “checks all the boxes” and contributes to a more complete sense of self for my son, especially in these uncertain times. On days that he goes to class, he just seems more grounded.

I am so grateful to HIMA for providing the stability, continuity, and mind-body connection that our children desperately need.

With sincere appreciation,

Heidi Venezia (mom to Ryder, blue belt, age 8)