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Grandmaster Jang Hyo Seon
Special Instruction at Tarrytown Dojang

The Korean swordsmanship training known as Kumyedo was founded by Grandmaster Jang Hyo Seon. Fascinatingly, Grandmaster Jang Hyo Seon will be visiting our Tarrytown school. He will be teaching the secrets to mastering the traditional Korean swordsmanship techniques. Grandmaster Jang Hyo Seon will be hosting special training sessions for beginners and advanced students on January 23rd and 24th, 2016.

January 23rd: Beginners: 3-5PM
Advanced students: 5-7PM

January 24th: Beginners: 1-3PM
Advanced students: 10AM-1PM

To learn more about Grandmaster Jang Hyo Seon and Kumyedo teaching,
check out his website at www.janghyoseon.com.