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Dhanika Prabhu

July HISA Winner, Mahwah

Spirit Theme: Home Behavior Month

“Dhanika joined Hong IK about 4 months back and she is still in the same super excited state everytime she heads out for a class. Within a couple of months, I noticed that I can get her to do a few important  things without chasing her a lot. A gentle prompt  to keep her room clean, and put her shoes back in the closet  was enough and worked great. 

    When I told her about the home behavior trophy at the beginning of July, it was a different ball game altogether.  Fewer reminders were needed . Everyone in the house was greeted and hugged every time she stepped out . She started sleeping in her own bedroom and it was kept very clean. All the toys were put back after playing . Shoes went promptly back in the closet . She waited for her turn to talk at the dinner table.  I was so surprised and amazed at how a little competition can bring the best out of her.  I am so thankful to Master Joe and Hong IK for keeping reminding her constantly about being disciplined and focussed. I am looking forward to seeing the best in her as she continues her journey in learning this amazing art!!”

Written by: Manjunath Prabhu, Dhanika’s Father