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Tumbling Workshop – September 2022

Hong Ik Martial Arts Tumbling Workshop – October 2022

The Second HIMA Tumbling Workshop was held on September 24, 2022. Grand Master Yoo organized the instruction program for all attendees. He was assisted by Master Shin Min and Master Jorge.

The day began with warmups and common training covering horseback stance punching and basic kicks. Next was a basic somersault. Once this skill was established, everyone divided up to practice Hoi Jun Bup. This first of eventually nine techniques to be learned once all Tumbling Workshop levels are completed, was broken down so that the fear of rolling over the shoulder was made easy to overcome. Students displayed their understanding 2 rows at a time, from the front of the training mat to the back. Anyone who didn’t complete it the first time tried again with lines behind. Following the understanding of this front roll, instruction on rolling backwards began. To aid in rolling over the shoulder reverse direction, students practiced kicking a red blocker slightly to their right side in the beginning of the back roll. After exhibiting adequate understanding of this, the workshop participants moved onto rolling over the shoulder backwards.

The event concluded with unified 1 step sparring, Infinity Qigong, and Brain Jigaam Meditation. It was a great mix of HIMA students from the various locations in numerous ages and ranks, coming together to learn Martial Arts acrobatics. Each workshop trainee was awarded a Certificate of Completion for Level 1. Only these graduates will be eligible for the next Tumbling Workshop, as it will be Level 2. We look forward to everybody’s advancement in 2023!

     – written by: Shin Min HyunSa (Master Patrick Malonso)