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Hong Ik Martial Arts of Tarrytown: HST (Hyunsa and Susa Training) February 19, 2023

On February 19, 2023, HST was held.  Grandmaster Yoo began the class with rhythmic front snap kicks.  This was followed by lateral movement Tae Geuk Ki Gong spinning 180 and 360 degrees.  Next was individual kicking combinations, partner focus target practice, and sparring.  Physical training concluded with a Flying Side Kick Jump Challenge over high play tunnels. 

After all energies were activated, Masters and Susa followed Grandmaster Yoo into Unki Bo Hyung (Circulation Form) and Hap Jaang Su Shik. The HIMA leadership group formed a circle and reviewed important curriculum on how to build self-respect through Jung Choong, Ki Jaang, and Shin Myung.  Through meditative squats (Chun Ki Gong), pushups (Ji Ki Gong), and sit-ups (Hap Ki Gong), we accumulate strength for the physical body.  Through Ji Gaam training we can better use our emotions as tools for growth and maturity.  Through BT training we can brighten our spirit in the Upper Dahn-jun. 

After this lesson talk, all students did a few minutes of BT (BaekHoi TaeYang) training visualizing a bright light slightly above the head and that light pouring clockwise into the crown of the head to clear out any negativity in the brain and releasing it through the temple area and mouth with the exhale. The Hyunsa Susa team was now revitalized and ready to deliver the Jung Choong Ki Jaang Shin Myung benefits to all people through SVA (Smile Voice Action).  

–        written by Shin Min HyunSa (Master Patrick Malonso)