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Hong Ik Martial Arts Home Training Routine – Susa Devin Barbera

Dear Hong Martial Arts:

I couldn’t thank you enough for taking the time out of your days to create each training video, I understand how serious these times are and being able to keep up my TKD training has helped to reduce my stress in these extremely stressful times. I knew that I had to try and make the best of these times. So prior to the cancellation of school I had created a new routine in which I would be able to work out and train both spiritually and physically during these days without formal TKD training.

My Training Routine

* I start the morning doing pushups and sit-ups with weightlifting every other day to keep myself in shape and also prepare myself for the day ahead.

* I go for about a 2-4 mile run every day in places where there were few people around. I’m now running with a mask on and if people running at social distance to them. This not only made me feel stronger it would also help relieve my stress for school assignments and other stressors which I had to deal with during this time.

* After running I rest and complete my school assignments before my TKD training.

* I do a more formal TKD training session after 3:00 when my high school is normally dismissed. I wear either my white TKD uniform or SUSA uniform for this training which would last at about an hour. I start with the normal TKD class warming ups and add a few extra stretches and extend the quantity on others. I then watch one of the more advanced trainings for my belt level which you provided and practice what is in the video for about 30 minutes. Then I go outside for to practice my Poomsaes and Ki-Gong which I have to know from black belt and SUSA.

*The final thing I would do for this hour is my ten minute meditation. The daily meditations are adding up on my Yi Dan mediation table.

* After dinner my father and I go for a nice walk and then I do another set of pushups and sit ups, then both my dad and I would do thirty back to back squats together.

* I save and watch the brain training videos for the weekends.

I cannot thank you enough for sending the TKD training videos I have been able to put them to good use while being able to balance my training, school work, and relaxation at the same time.

– Photo by My Father, Robert Barbera