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Hong Ik Martial Arts Home Online Training Reviews

“I want to first say thank you for giving my kids the ability to focus and practice what they love at home.
Adrian and Layla miss their normal classes, friends and you Master Kim. They are trying their best at home to practice and listen to the videos. It’s been challenging. Adrian is showing Layla her kicking combos as well as helping her with her self-defense techniques. He is also taking time to meditate, which gives him some time away from electronics and home schooling.”

Martial Arts

— Olgica (Mother of Adrien and Layla)

“Thank you for rewarding me with my new belt. I felt so proud and happy to be promoted to my next belt right from my home! It was super cool that I could learn from videos and upload my own videos to pass the test even though we are locked down. This has motivated me tremendously and I am super excited that I can train for my new belt now! I thank all my masters at Hong Ik Martial Arts for working so hard to train me.”

Taekwondo Test

— Neel B (student)

The boys were so happy to have earned their certificates. Thanks for helping us keep things going. Their motivation is still high. We’re looking forward to being able to come in and trade them in for the actual stripes.”

Martial arts

— Mr. Beswick (Father of Jude, Willem and Bowen)

Thank you for sending the helpful videos during this unprecedented time. Their training has kept their minds and bodies busy. It gives them a much needed break from school and allows them to ground down with movement and mindfulness. They are continuing to enjoy their training particularly with Susa Bryan who ‘taught’ safe (socially distanced) outdoor classroom on the driveway a week ago”

— Janaki (Mother of Kieran and Devin)