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Hong Ik Martial Arts-Brewster Fall Festival 2022

Brewster Fall Festival

         That cloudy Sunday morning September 25th, Grand Master Yoo, Master Jorge and myself headed for the Brewster Fall Festival near Main St, by the train station in Brewster. We prepared our stall with our various equipment to demonstrate to the public Taekwondo skills and discipline. We were surrounded by various other stalls and vendors, even by bands and musicians playing music and singing. Master Jorge performed a small demonstration to attract the crowd and soon enough we were swarmed with dozens of families with children from all ages coming to learn Taekwondo. Several of our students came in to help or show their support to the school and performed, including my own brother David! Even one of our Tarrytown School’s SUSA came to help and perform. The crowds gathered fascinated to watch the students perform and see martial arts performed up close. The children enjoyed themselves learning from the masters and from their peers. The highlight of their lessons came when they got to break a board at the end of their lesson. Grand Master Yoo and Master Jorge taught various children for several hours until we finally headed home. It was a day filled excitement from start to finish despite the cloudy weather. 

By Jessica Perisnaka