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Hong Ik Martial Arts at Mahwah Day Event

Mahwah Day Event – September 22nd, 2018

Hong Ik Martial Arts was pleased to have the oppourtunity to participate in Mahwah’s 24th Annual Mahwah Day! The event kicked off with a parade, where all the local businesses and community groups marched through the streets of Mahwah. Hong Ik Martial Arts had a group of 25 students. We marched through the town chanting, clapping and smiling. The parade ended at the Mahwah Day event at Commodore Perry Feild where Hong Ik Martial Arts was set up and ready for the event. During Mahwah Day, students, friends and any passerbyers were welcome to come take a mini lesson and use a technique of their choice to break a board. The event was great fun and Hong Ik Martial Arts of Mahwah was happy to be a part of it!