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Hong Ik Martial Arts Tumbling Workshop – April 2022

The 1st HIMA Tumbling Workshop was held on April 24, 2022.  Grand Master Yoo organized the instruction program for all 36 students.  He was assisted by Master Shin Min and Master Lee.  Common training was what was gone over in the beginning.   MUSA Leadership students Isabella and Emily led basic standing and seated warmups.  This was followed by Grand Master Yoo’s Horseback stance Su Bup practice, along with kicking and balance development.  Next was tumbling!  All practitioners adjusted their positions to form 3 lines of 12.  First on the agenda was front somersaults. Once this skill was established, everyone was divided up to move on to Hoi Jun Bup.  In between the first rolling technique, various core, flexibility, and strength exercises were introduced to aid in better efficiency of the roll.

The event concluded with unified 2 step sparring, flying side kick, and accumulation Tai Chi-Qi Gong. It was a great mix of HIMA students in age and rank to learn Black Belt Acrobatics exclusive to this workshop.  All students were awarded a Certificate of Completion for Level 1 and will be eligible to take the Level 2 course in the following year.  They must continue to practice Hoi Jun Bup #1 in order to be prepared to learn the tumbling techniques to be taught at the Level 2 Tumbling Workshop next year. Another Level 1 Tumbling Workshop will be held in September 2022. We look forward to seeing you there!