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Good Reasons to Enroll Your Child in Martial Arts Classes

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In today’s modern society that seems to glorify violence on every form of media from TV, movies, video games and music it may seem like a poor idea to enroll your child in a martial arts learning school. Although the genre of martial arts action movies is always rife with gratuitous violence it may surprise most people to know that martial arts training can be very beneficial to children.

Like so many Hollywood topics this is another one that they don’t get right, Hollywood movies typically display martial arts as a vicious pastime with extensive applications in bar fights. This is a misconception and following is a list of the top reasons to choose martial arts for your child’s training.

1. Foster Self-Discipline

One of the most important principles conveyed by the study of martial arts is the prime necessity of focus on self-discipline. Kids today are overly accustomed to instant gratification and the lessons to be learned in self-restraint and self-discipline are not often taught on their own. Kids with training in martial arts are continually drilled in disciplines.

2. Boosting Socialization Skills

Kids who don’t necessarily thrive in a social environment may have a constant struggle with making friends if they are in an environment absent of peers who share the same interests. Kids playing in a park may not necessarily have the same reasons of being there.

Martial arts students, on the other hand, have no trouble at all finding things in common and creating relationships based on similar interests. Some partner oriented martial arts like Jiu Jitsu are known to promote camaraderie as they encourage the mutual practice and learning of skill and technique.

3. Encouraging Physical Activity

Limiting time spent in front of the TV is one of the best ways to improve health and encourage physical activities, this only goes so far. Enrolling your child in an active physically demanding pastime not only will phase out the sedentary life style they have grown accustomed to but will also give them an activity to look forward to.

4. Learning Strive for and Achieve Goals

Most forms of martial arts are based around a progressive system of personal achievements represented as colored belts which signify experience and personal progress. As a student works toward gaining a belt they learn a lot about sticking to a goal and achievement.

5. Increased Self-Esteem

With consistent achievement comes great personal confidence. This means that as your child gains experience and advances in their training they will receive a major boost to his self-esteem and feeling of accomplishment. Kids who are struggling with low self-esteem can be expected to gain confidence as time progresses.

6. Instilling a Sense of Respect

Learning a martial art means that a student must show his or her martial art instructor a high level of respect and this is something severely lacking in today’s society. Children are not often taught respect for authority, going to study a martial art will engender respect for authority as well as some great techniques.

7. Promoting Non-Violent Resolution

The common misconception that martial art training promotes violence is one propagated by the entertainment industry but the truth behind martial arts is very different. As a matter of fact most martial arts teach that children peaceful, non-physical resolution to conflict as well as the importance of avoiding physical violence.

8. Improving Listening Skills

In order to continue advancing in their training it will become increasingly important for children to develop superior listening skills. Kids who are not originally adept at heeding verbal instructions will soon realize how important paying attention is and will begin to sharpen their skills of their own volition.

9. Developing Teamwork Skills

Whether they are breaking boards to display skill and gain a belt or sparring with a partner in order to master a specific move there will be very few activities that can be done on his or her own. Learning how to cooperate with fellows is an important life lesson gleaned from martial arts.

10. Improvement in Other Areas of Life

The benefit of martial arts is not something that will end in the dojo. The boost to self-worth or confidence, improved physical fitness and special skills of cooperation will follow your children into their home life and every other aspect of their lives. In their adult life, martial arts students are often able to resolve differences and engage in long term commitments much more easily.

If you are still afraid that martial arts may make your child more violent and aggressive, then perhaps you would benefit from a trip to the Yoo’s martial arts to witness for yourself what the practice actually looks like. Speak with some other parents there or with the grandmasters themselves to be enlightened on the many other advantages to skilled practice. You may even discover that training is something your whole family can do together.