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Follow These 6 Steps to Get a Body of a Taekwondo Fighter


Today, Taekwondo includes elements of Japanese martial arts and Chinese martial arts, but it was originally a Korean martial art. It’s no secret that fighters that practice the art are fit and have excellent muscle definition. Taekwondo involves a lot of mental and physical practice.

Professional fighters follow strength and conditioning program because it allows them to obtain the endurance they need to take part in Taekwondo routines. You probably are interested in getting ripped like a professional fighter. With that said, you can get the body of a professional fighter and get ripped by following the below steps.

1. Do specific cardio exercises 3-5 times per week and each session should be at least 30 minutes. Professional fighters tend to perform short bursts of cardio exercises or 30-40 minute sessions. You don’t have to overdo it with the cardio because there are many drills and combos that incorporate components of cardio. Also, you can go jogging, cycling or for a brisk walk, as they are good cardio workouts to do.

2. You should do strength training at least three days per week and do your strength training on days you don’t do cardio. You’ll build power and muscle with a strength training routine, but you do want to create balance. Split the time between training your lower body and your upper body and perform exercises in sets of three and do 12 reps per exercises. Some of the best choices include squats and lunges, so incorporate those in your strength training regime.

3. Follow a workout program for your core, which includes your abdominal muscles, both the upper and sides. Doing standard sit-ups and crunches can work wonders, but make sure you train your oblique. This will help you build a strong core and an impressive set of abs.

4. After every workout session and before every workout and training session, you should stretch. This is because it loosens muscles and helps improves range of motion. Professional fighters are often able to kick at unbelievable speeds and heights and this is because of how flexible they are and the range of motion they can achieve.

Before or after your cardio, make sure you stretch because this may reduce injury and you should stretch each part of your body for up to 10 minutes. Many professional fighters even practice yoga. So consider doing that too.

5. Eat a good diet that consists of low amounts of fats, and if you eat around 2,000 calories per day, then consume around 44-78 grams of fat per day. This helps to keep your fat intake to a minimum. Not only that, but this should prevent your body from accumulating bad fat.

6. Don’t exceed your caloric intake, but do increase your protein intake. If you consume 2,000 calories daily, then 50-175 grams of protein is what you want to consume. Make sure the protein comes from healthy sources, which includes tuna or chicken breasts. Protein provides the body with energy for your workout routines.

Getting a body of a Taekwondo fighter takes hard work. However, it’s not impossible and the above steps can help you get one step closer to reaching your goals. Follow the above steps and you could end up with a ripped body in no time.