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2nd MST(Master and SUSA Training


1. Developing own skill
2. Discussing better method of teaching


1. Developing own skill – Partner Target Training
!) Round house/slide back/Spinning round house kick
!!) Skipping Round house/step back/front leg round house kick
2. Discussing better method of teaching
!) What is the biggest issue to teach Side Kick kick to White belt
!!) What method will work well for that issue
• Masters and Susa ; Prepare for this discussion



The Benefits Of Taekwondo For Meditation Training

Understanding one’s inner self is a major part of participating in the practice of meditation. The benefits are numerous including lowering high blood pressure, decreasing stress related tension, improving the immune system and most importantly the strengthening of one’s energy, referred to as prana. The same can be said of studying martial arts as it has similar helpful advantages for health. Combine the two and the benefits would only be multiplied however numerous questions do come up about how practicing something like Taekwondo would be distracting for one who is looking to bring peace to their mind through meditation. This is not so and something we will discuss here.

Master Yoo’s Training guide – Part 2 Method of meditation before and after martial arts training

THREE-MINUTE MEDITATION METHOD BEFORE TRAINING Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, place your palms together. Grab the floor with your toes (“tiger toes”) and feel the soul of your foot (yong-chung) Pull your tailbone slightly in and upwards – you should feel pressure/awakening of your lower dahn-jun As you...