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Taekwondo Black-Belt

Taekwondo Philosophy | ITF Philosophy

The ITF Philosophy

According to the ITF philosophy of taekwondo, this art is focused on the attainment and creation of a more peaceful existence. In order to achieve the creation of a peaceful world, taekwondo teaches that the beginning of peaceful interaction requires a focus on the individual. The individual is considered the foundation of the art and through practice one is able to develop character, a personality, and increase morality and ethics. Building on the foundation allows one to obtain positive attitudes and traits; thus, achieving the ultimate end goal.

What is Taekwondo Spirit

The original spirit of taekwondo comes from the most basic instincts to survive and was developed as a way to defend oneself by the way of the kick and punch (Tae -to kick, Kwon - blow with hand, and Do - way of life, school...