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The Basic Types Of Taekwondo Kicks

Taekwondo is a traditional martial art form, and it has its base in Korea. When translated, Taekwondo means being the way of the hand and foot. Therefore, it is natural to think that a large part of this martial art is dependent on kicking techniques. In fact, these techniques are taught very thoroughly in the majority of Taekwondo classes.

The Masters Cup Taekwondo Championship

April 30th 2017, Sunday Competitors Devin, Eyan,  Luca, Max, Brayden, Kaseem, Aleksandar Everyone did a great job!! Board breaking: Kaseem: 1st place Brayden: 1st place Luca: 3rd place Max: 3rd place Aleksandar: 1st place Devin: 3rd place Sparring: Brayden: 1st place Kaseem: 1st place ...