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Black Belt Indoor Test

On May 21st 2016 the Black Belt indoor test was held. The Indoor test is the examination of the total color belt curriculum’s combined. It is a test that each student has been preparing for since the moment they first stepped foot onto the mats.


During the first portion of the test, each student must preform all of the forms, all of the kicking combinations, and all of the self defense techniques that they have been learning for the following years of practice. After demonstrating their techniques, they gear up and begin the sparring portion of the test. In this portion they need to fight multiple rounds of one-on-one, and two-on-one sparring matches. After this there is a holding posture test, where the students must hold themselves in a push up position for as long as they are able. This is a very important test, and allows each student to dig deep into themselves and find a strength that they may never knew that they had. The final portion is a board breaking test.


The test takes about 3 hours to complete and the students are challenged not only physically, but mentally, and spiritually. There is not water allowed during the duration of the test, and the students are encouraged to bring their best selves forward, and push through the test with an indomitable spirit. Every student did a fantastic job on May 21st, and we are very proud of the results.


– Written by Master Ji Sun(Joe Lipman)