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3rd MST (Masters and Susa Training)

3rd MST (Masters and Susa Training)

MST 4/10

Note: In e-mail we should advise for students to eat lightly before this MST


Warm ups-


Standing – MD

Sitting Partners – STERN

Floor – SM

5 rounds freestyle sparring – JS



  1. Back bridge, Neck stretch, head stand(half and full)
  2. Front rolls(Start position, Bottoms up, Head in, bottom over hear, touch upper back)
  3. Back rolls(Start position, roll back, feet together, palms on floor with pressure, land on feet)
  4. Back spring(Start like back rolls, Kick up, arch back, feet under bottom)



  1. Front rolls
  2. Back rolls
  3. Monkey run(strengthens arms and core)
  4. Monkey run x2 w/ roll


2 LINES FACING THE WALL(need to move dummies before class)

  1. One leg wall jump
  2. Two step wall run
  3. Attempt kick off wall run



DISCUSSION (prepare paper and pens)


Close eyes, think of one difficult experience you have had teaching or helping class. (I will give my example) Think of how you felt, and the things you tried to do to overcome the challenges. Do not explain solutions to the problem yet.

Break into 4 groups (4 or 5 people each, with one Master or Chief SUSA). Take turns explaining your stories. After finished I will count to 3. Everyone has to point to who’s story they think people could best learn from. Then the group will discuss possible solutions to better overcome these types of problems in the future. The Masters and Chief Susa will only facilitate the discussion. After the discussion the chosen SuSa will stand up and present the problem and the solutions each group came up with.